Prevent Blindness AR Eye - Explore the human eye in augmented reality.

See what the world would look like if you had an eye disease that threatened your sight like glaucoma and four other eye diseases. Explore the human eye using augmented reality with AR Eye brought to you by Prevent Blindness®!

Download and launch the app, and aim the vision simulator at the image you want to see through the eyes of someone with vision challenges. Or, aim your device’s camera at any flat surface such as the floor or a table, and experience a virtual walk through of a human eye.

Our team worked closely with COSI - Columbus, Ohio's Center of Science and Industry, The Ohio State University's College of Optometry and Prevent Blindness Ohio to develop the experience.

This app was funded by the Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Maternal and Child Health,  and Save Our Sight Services.

Subject matter expert: Dr. Teng Leng Ooi, Professor, The Ohio State University College of Optometry

AR Eye has three modes:


1. Impaired Vision Simulator

Simulates what it would be like to have five different eye diseases.


2. Interactive Mode

Allows you to select and learn more about the parts that make up your eyes.


3. Animation Mode

Explains how our vision works.

How the app works:


1. Download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.


2. While in Vision Simulator Mode aim your camera at an image and click on each number to see through the eyes of someone with each eye disease. Option 4 (Diabetic Retinopathy) is displayed above.

3. Switch to Place Mode and aim your camera at any flat surface to activate the 3D eye and experience an interactive virtual walk through of a human eye.



"Our relationship with Yetzer Studio has spanned over several year and Brian Yetzer is responsible for bringing our message to life through a popular medium that we never used before.  The mission of Prevent Blindness is prevent blindness and preserve sight.  Because our "vision is vision" Brian's skill and vision created an app for iPhone and Android use that simulates various types of vision loss through use of the device camera pointed at any object (my favorite is the face of my granddaughter).  The app is useful for eye doctors, volunteers and professionals who serve the overall health needs of our citizens as it allows caregivers to "experience" the vision problem of their patient or loved one.  Our organization has about 100 downloads of the app monthly and receive rave reviews."

- Sherry Williams / President & CEO / Prevent Blindness – Ohio Affiliate

“In an effort to share the importance of eye health and safety, we determined that we wanted that messaging at the fingertips of all Ohioans.  Yetzer Studio developed the app that provided us with this opportunity.  As novices to augmented reality technology, we were unsure of the components for the final product but Brian guided use through the entire process with professionalism and expertise.  The end product is amazing and will be utilized by many health professionals.  I appreciated Brian’s attention to detail and accuracy throughout the project."

- Stephanie Koscher / Director of Marketing and Community Services / Prevent Blindness – Ohio Affiliate

Yetzer Studio AR Solutions

  • Increase ticket sales and number of visitors

  • Engage through interactivity, making learning individualized and fun

  • Simplify complex procedures, increasing comprehension and retention

  • Verify accuracy made possible by leading medical experts

  • Allow for a more memorable and satisfying museumgoer and user experience