Auggie Awards Trophy - 3D Content Creation for Prototyping and Production

The Augmented World Expo's Auggie Awards celebrate excellence in augmented reality. Every year, the best of the best in the augmented world compete for an Auggie Award and sponsored prizes in numerous categories both hardware and software.


A 3D-printable model of the Augmented World Expo's Auggie Awards trophy was produced based on the original design by artist, Sigal Arad Inbar. Since Sigal was creating multiple trophies by hand, 3D printing was an ideal solution to easily replicate them.

“Brian's passion in creating the spectacular 3D model for the Auggie Awards trophy was only surpassed by the quality of the end result.  Thanks to him we were able to cast a set of trophies and received the best feedback we ever had.  Yetzer Studio delivers well above the expectations."

- Ori Inbar / Augmented World Expo / Co-Founder

Yetzer Studio 3D Solutions

Reduce time and cost of production

Minimize design flaws prior to mass production

Provide the ability to develop customized products as per individual requirement

Provide a proof of concept that allows the client to understand the look and feel beyond virtual visualization

Help identify the actual need of the market, making possible to develop competitive products with better acceptance rate

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