LCAD XRD - Laguna College of Art and Design's Window to Innovation Experience

The Laguna College of Art and Design in Orange County California wanted to develop an experience that would showcase how their new Extended Reality Design program can benefit area businesses. 

Yetzer guided the strategy, development and implementation of the experience, working with the college leadership to create the app.

The LCAD XRD app demonstrates how our augmented reality solutions can help leverage mobile devices to assist in educating and showcasing how business can benefit from virtual sales tools.

LCAD XRD has two modes:

1. T-Shirt Mode

Position the device over the t-shirt design to

2. Place Mode

ln "Photo Mode", users can take a photo with family and friends and the virtual butterfly to save it to their camera roll or share it via social media with others!

Yetzer Studio AR Solutions

Increase ticket sales and number of visitors

Engage through interactivity, making learning individualized and fun

Allow for a more memorable and satisfying museumgoer and user experience

Verify accuracy made possible by leading experts in natural science

Increase "virality" from users sharing AR content on social media

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