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LCAD XRD - Laguna College of Art and Design's Window to Innovation Experience

The goal of this project was to develop an engaging Executive Roundtable experience that generates reflective and action-oriented conversation among a selected group of highly successful and influential C-level executives from the local Orange County, California, community, and position the Laguna College of Art and Design as a forward-thinking, proactive leader in arts education and community advancement.

Yetzer Studio guided the strategy, development and implementation of the experience, working with the college leadership to create the app.

The LCAD XRD app demonstrates how our augmented reality solutions can help leverage mobile devices in utilizing AR for products and services, employee training and customer service.

what we did

3D modeling + animation

AR experiential design and implementation

art, creative and technical direction

UI and UX design

LCAD XRD has two modes

t-shirt mode

Position the device over the t-shirt design to launch an animated experience.


place mode

ln photo mode, users can place and interact with virtual items showcasing the different applications of augmented reality in various industries to improve safety, training, education and sales.

yetzer studio AR solutions

increase comprehension of product benefits to customers and stakeholders

provide real-time feedback of virtual object placement in real-world environments

disrupts competition by leveraging AR capabilities for product and service differentiation

improve customer experiences

opens up new revenue streams

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