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100 Hands On! Tesla Coil AR Women's T-Shirts

This t-shirt is interactive!


One hundred (100) Tesla Coil AR interactive women's t-shirts

15S - 30M - 30L -15XL - 10XXL

Color and quantities are customizable


• Includes your organization's branding

• Screen printed

• 6 oz. 100% pre-shrunk cotton


The Tesla Coil AR t-shirt contains an embedded, interactive 3D animation. Working with wireless electricity and Tesla coil expert, Gary Peterson, a mathematically correct 3D coil model has been animated to provide a step-by-step animation of how it works.


How to experience the product:

1. Download and launch the FREE Nikola Tesla AR app.

2. Position your mobile device over the t-shirt. Allow the scanning process to identify it.

3. Learn about Nikola Tesla and his contributions to the world of science and technology!

100 Hands On! Tesla Coil AR Women's T-Shirts

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