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Immersive Experience Clients for Business, Industry & Education.

Stimulate your business engagement, capture customer insights, and enhance learning and training through AR.

Yetzer Studio - Terracotta Warriors AR

Terracotta Warriors AR

Experience one of the most significant archeological discoveries in history through augmented reality.

Yetzer Studio - Philly Insects AR

Philly Insects AR

The Philly Insects AR app allows museum visitors to experience one of Philadelphia's first interactive murals. 

Yetzer Studio - Nikola Tesla AR
Yetzer Studio - Nikola Tesla AR

Nikola Tesla AR

The world's first mobile augmented reality applicationto honor Nikola Tesla.

Yetzer Studio - Prevent Blindness AR Eye

Prevent Blindness AR Eye

Explore the human eye in augmented reality.

Yetzer Studio - LCAD XRD


Laguna College of Art and Design's Window to Innovation experience

Yetzer Studio - LOTO App

Lockout-Tagout App

Enhance your typical industrial training with new interactive experiences.

Yetzer Studio - Intel AR

Intel AR

Leverage mobile devices to assist in sales, training and education.

Yetzer Studio - Rebel Heart AR

Rebel Heart AR

A customized fan experience.

Yetzer Studio - Virtual Product AR

Virtual Product AR

Showcase your products and services in augmented reality.

Manipulate virtual molecules in mixed reality.


Molecules MR

Yetzer Studio - Augmented World Expo Auggie Trophy 3D Model
Yetzer Studio - Augmented World Expo Auggie Trophy 3D Model

Auggie Awards Trophy

The 3D-printable model of the Auggie Awards trophy was created for the Augmented World Expo.


Augmented reality for business.

Our interactive, immersive solutions create innovative experiences, new advertising channels and engagement analytics for businesses, institutions and brands.


AR Experience Design

  • AR strategy creation

  • Concept and prototype design


  • Integration and implementation

AR Analytics

  • Access data across devices


  • Analyze user behavior the way you want


  • Act upon insights to customize user experiences

AR Content Creation

  • 3D modeling and animation

  • Graphic and interaction design

  • Photogrammetry

Additional Services

  • Art, creative and technical direction

  • Mobile application design and development

  • Subject matter expert interfacing and knowledge transfer


Brian Yetzer

AR Experience Design Specialist

Brian Yetzer works at the intersection of art, technology and science to create highly-engaged customer experiences and branded business applications.


As a pioneer in the multimedia and augmented reality experience design space, Brian and his team have made significant experiential contributions to museums, educational institutions and businesses in North America and Europe.

His mixed reality perspective comes from a radically diverse creative background - from sketching and painting to animation, photography, 3D printing, interaction design, and of course, augmented reality. His team understands how to create optimized digital experiences with a vision that embraces analytics and creative. 

Speaking Engagements

  • "Augmented Reality in STEAM Training and Education" - DCCC STEAM Speaker Series

  • “From Physical to Virtual: Augmenting Reality in the 21st Century" - Venture Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

  • “A New Reality: How Virtual and Augmented Reality are Shaping the Future" - Philly Tech Week, Philadelphia, PA


  • Augmented World Expo: the world's largest gathering of designers, engineers and business leaders, Santa Clara, CA

  • “What’s Augmented Reality Anyway: Exploring Science + Design" at the Center of Architecture + Design, Philadelphia, PA


  • Keynote at North Carolina’s Sustainable Energy Association's “Making Energy Work" conference, Raleigh, North Carolina

  • "What is Augmented Reality? How Can It Transform the Way We Do Things?" - AWEA, American Wind Energy Association, San Diego, CA


  • Tesla Memorial Conference, New York City


  • Nikola Tesla Symposium: Izmir, Turkey

Design Instruction

  • 3D instructor at Future Media Concepts


  • 3D instructor at The Art Institute of      Pittsburgh

  • Computer Illustration and Motion Graphics instructor at DCCC

  • Game Design and Production instructor at Drexel University


  • Media Arts and Animation instructor at The  Art Institute of Philadelphia

  • New Media Illustration instructor at the University of the Arts

Technical Expertise

  • 3D animation

  • 3D modeling

  • 3D printing

  • Application design

  • AR experiential design

  • Art, creative and technical direction


  • Digital sculpting

  • Image manipulation

  • Interaction design

  • Motion graphics

  • Photography

  • Photogrammetry


Augmented Reality in STEAM Training and Education presentation

Brian Yetzer was invited to create a video presentation as part of the Delaware County Community College's  STEAM Speaker Series. Brian's presentation discusses how AR can simplify the complex, its application in STEAM fields, and how to implement it into training and educational settings. Click here to watch the video.


"Our relationship with Yetzer Studio has spanned over several years and Brian Yetzer is responsible for bringing our message to life through a popular medium that we never used before.  The mission of Prevent Blindness is to prevent blindness and preserve sight.  Because our "vision is vision" Brian's skill and vision created an app for iPhone and Android use that simulates various types of vision loss through use of the device camera pointed at any object (my favorite is the face of my granddaughter).  The app is useful for eye doctors, volunteers and professionals who serve the overall health needs of our citizens as it allows caregivers to "experience" the vision problem of their patient or loved one.  Our organization has about 100 downloads of the app monthly and receive rave reviews."

- Sherry Williams / President & CEO / Prevent Blindness – Ohio Affiliate